Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Your Brain - Book and Activities

In the past I've really enjoyed doing unit studies with the kids. I would choose a specific subject that I knew they would enjoy and then use lots of books, games, worksheets, coloring pages and other activities to learn about that subject. Often we could incorporate lots of phonics, reading, math, science and social studies into these units. I'm working on including more unit studies into our homeschooling again, especially on the days that I go to my sister's and more children are involved.

 I started with a couple mini studies and our first one was about the brain. We read Your Brain by DeGezelle and Terri.  (You can click the image for more details about the book). They enjoyed the book and discussing where our brains are (one child was sure it was in his stomach!) and what it does.

Then we had fun putting together this Printable Brain Puzzle. This gave us the chance to talk again about where our brains are and what they as well as review colors and work on fine motor skills and eye/hand coordination.

We finished up with this Brain Coloring Page. Since there was lots of blank space on the page Michael decorated the rest of the page with his favorite thing to draw - hearts. Maybe we should do a little unit on hearts soon.

There will be more into studies coming, some small ones like this one, and some much larger ones. The possibilities are endless.

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