Monday, February 7, 2011

Daily Photo Journal Monday February 7, 2010

 It's been a busy fun day. Here's a little peak at some of the things we did today.

This morning during circle time we played Winter Bingo. Bingo is a big hit with this group of kids and I've found quite a few different themes to print at DLTK Kids.

Later in the morning we got out some craft supplies and had some creative fun with them.

Just before lunch it was warm enough to be able to enjoy some time outside.

Once upon a time there was an inground pool on this property but it was taken out  long before we bought it. This blue plastic liner is left from that pool (I'm guessing) and we were going to take it to the landfill. But Amanda thought it would make a good doggy tub for the dog she wants to get some day so we kept it. Now the little kids have taken it over. They don't need any water in it to have fun. They just like to climb in and out of it and slide down the little slide that's in it.

Before lunch we have a quiet time. During this time the kids sit down and look at books and listen to music while I finish getting lunch on the table.

Our number for the week is eight. Here the kids are coloring their "8 books."

It was Amanda's evening to cook dinner. She chose pizza and salad.

This is the "I will slice this pizza one way or another!" look.

We found ourselves with a couple of hours with no daycare kids this evening so we had a quick family outing to Dairy Queen. I wanted to get some pictures but as soon as I tried the kids put on their "Oh no, mom's taking pictures lets look like zombies" faces.

But regardless of the zombie looks we did have fun. Michael made friends with a couple other kids and went off to play in the play area. We met some aqaintances we hadn't seen in awhile and had a nice time catching up.

It was a good day and now it's time to go read with Austin and Amanda.

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