Saturday, February 19, 2011

Our Hero

I am very blessed to have a wonderful husband who is also a great daddy.

And since I all to often take for granted the things he does every day to show us how much he loves us I thought I would post a weekly tribute celebrating these things. So here is the first of edition of my new weekly post.

1. Climbing up on the roof on a windy day to secure some loose pieces of tin that were threatening to take flight.

2. Reworking the soil in the garden after little feet have trampled it all down.

3. Pumping up bicycle tires so a little boy can ride his bike.

4. Helping Michael put together a music box kit given to him by a friend.

5. Garage cleaning and organization. We still have a lot of boxes and miscellaneous items sitting in the garage that were stored there when we moved. Bit by bit this pile of "stuff" is being gone through and put away or thrown away.

6. Going to the grocery store after work on a Friday afternoon to get the supplies and then coming home to grill steaks and potatoes for a crowd of sixteen.

Like I said, I am very blessed.

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  1. He is blessed as well to have you...someone who appreciates what he does. :)