Monday, February 28, 2011

Beginnning a Journey of Blessing

Ann Voskamp, who writes beautiful posts on her blog A Holy Experience hosts a beautiful community of bloggers each Monday who are counting their way to a thousand blessings.

It seems like a lot, and one blogger wrote that after the first, obvious blessings, there is sometimes a bit of a struggle to find the blessings each week. But they are there. We do not serve a miserly God who doles out blessings in limited quantity. There is simply the need to regard life with eyes wide open to see, heart waiting and ready to receive the blessings He so lovingly gifts us each day.

So today I am joining the group, counting along with them and learning from them. I am new to this journey, my number this week starts at one, but I know it will be a journey filled with blessings from surprising corners.

Blessings #1 - 10

1. Unlimited, unending love from my Heavenly Father, resulting in the gift of salvation through His Son.

2. Teaching and learning with my daughter as she tackles new challenges in the kitchen. Her chosen adventures today - chocolate chip cookies and homemade macaroni and cheese. I can hardly wait for dinner.

3. Watching my son, Austin,  care tenderly for a wee baby, Kaleb,  and delighting in watching him grow and learn each day. Kaleb is now nearly a year old and both boys have grown a lot this past year.

4. Bluebirds in the meadow behind my house.

Eastern Bluebird by
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5. A Robin hopping around in my back yard.

American Robin by
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6. My four year olds spontaneous "I love you, Mommy."

7. The quiet in the afternoon when all the little ones are resting.

8. The sound of rain on the roof as I sit in the kitchen typing this post and serving as the chief question answerer (is that a word?) for my daughter as she cooks.

9. Knowing that in a few minutes I will put on a pot of coffee to brew and fill the house with it's wonderful aroma to welcome my husband home from a long day of work.

10. The steady tick tock tick tock of the clock on the wall bringing back memories of being a little girl in grandmother's kitchen listening to the ticking of a clock much like this one.


  1. the aroma of the coffee is wonderful - may I sit a while and have a cup? I want to tell you what a peaceful list you have! Congratulations on starting yours...the practice is so powerful, and I love Ann's comment today, that this sort of gratitude is meant to dig deep...


  2. Cindy - Please do sit a spell. We can talk over our blessings together. Thank you so much for stopping by today.

  3. Your comment about phones not needing caffeine made me laugh out loud! So glad to hear of someone who can relate to my catastrophe! ; )

    Also, equally glad you are counting with us!!