Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Last Day Off

I thought today we were going to be "back in business." We had a sibling group of three scheduled to come (including our two year old, L., with autism), but they never showed up.  We had decided to stay home from church because sometimes that's just easier when L. is here.  So it turned out to be a very quiet day. I do still have one child coming in around 11:00PM but he will go right back to sleep.

Amanda spent the night with two of her friends (sisters) and then they came here for a few hours this afternoon. It was nice outside, and the girls went out and took Michael with them. They rode bikes and went for a walk.

This morning Doug, Austin and Michael went grocery shopping. We definitely needed to restock because a lot of kids will be back tomorrow.

This afternoon Austin walked down to Grandma's house and was there all afternoon and evening. He brought back some delicious cookies (Peppermint Melts) that one of his cousins had baked. I'm going to have to get the recipe for them because they were just awesome.

Doug spent the afternoon doing end of year paperwork. This evening he is at the Rescue Squad for his regular Sunday evening shift. Unless they are out on a call he should be home anytime now as his shift was over at 9:45.

I enjoyed the unexpected quiet day. I baked a cake, made fingerpaint for this weeks upcoming activities, read lots and lots of blogs, did a little writing, played mahjong, and set up some activities in the playroom for tomorrow.

Knowing this is probably my last day off until Easter weekend made me treasure it and enjoy every minute of it.

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