Friday, March 13, 2015

The Walnut Acre Daily - Busy, Busy

It's been a very busy  couple days. We changed our schedule around a little because of an appointment. This week Thursday was our errand day. 

We went to the library, the pet store, Goodwill, two grocery stores and the vets office, McDonalds and the bank. I enjoy errand day and going and doing the things the kids want to do (library, pet store, etc) but I'm also glad when we get home and are done for the day. I'm just not much of a shopper, I like to get in the store, get what I need and get back out. 

Michael likes to talk to this parrot at the pet store. I saw these quail and thought they were so cute. There were even two cute tiny round eggs in their pen. 

This cat that was roaming the store was just fascinated with the small animals. It was watching the mice and then started watching a snake slithering around it's pen. Later it jumped in the ferret cage. 

It was nice out again today so Austin cleaned out the rabbits home. Mykalin enjoys helping take care of the animals and right there to help with this chore.

Later she and Michael took turns driving around the yard. 

Michael's cat, Bear, enjoyed the warmth and sunshine

We let the chickens out of their run for a few hours to enjoy the greenery that's starting to grow.

Doug knew I needed to go to Charlottesville this morning so yesrerday after he got home from work he got the Ranger ready for me to drive. We've been having trouble with the battery so he got a new battery for it and filled it up with gas. I don't like to take the van because it's hard to manage in the parking garage.

Then Thursday evening we went to my Dad's to help get six chickens ready for the freezer. I think there are still between 16 and 20 left to do. It's not a job I particularly enjoy but I do appreciate the meat. 

Michael had a dentist's appointment this morning. He had two small cavities that needed to be filled.  I was very proud of the way he cooperated and sat very still while they worked. And the staff was SO good with him, giving him options like which tooth to work on first, allowing a short break between teeth and listening and giving more numbing medication when he said something hurt. I tried to get him to smile for a picture but he said "No!" Can't say I blame him though.

My sister made us some delicious potato soup for dinner this evening. It was nice not having to worry about dinner after being gone a good part of the day.

This evening we went to small group. I love our small group! 

And that is an overview of our busy couple of days. Tomorrow I'm planning to go buy seeds for the garden. Yippee!!!!

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