Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Walnut Acre Daily - Needing Sleep

Today has been another gray day but the temperature is mild and birds are singing. It feels like Spring is in the air. 

I was reminded again last night why Michael takes medicine to help him sleep at night. He took the last of it Monday night. I called it in Monday evening intending to go yesterday and pick it up. I remembered at 7:57 that I hadn't picked it up yet and the pharmacy closed at 8:00. So all night last night he was awake every 15 -30 minutes. At 4:30 AM he was sitting on my bed saying Why can't we go downstairs? It's boring up here!" Of course he seems fine today and I just want a nap! We went through this for several years before we finally got him on something to help him sleep. He's still usually up once or twice during the night but at least not every half hour.

This morning we went to my sister's for a couple hours. We did worksheets, colored, read stories and played games. 

Then I went to the pharmacy to pick up Michael's medicine before I came home for lunch. 

This afternoon I did some online work. Michael stayed at my sister's for the afternoon and Austin went to work with my dad for a few hours so it was quiet here at home. I did end up dozing for about 30 minutes and that helped a lot. 

This evening we went to church. Dinner, served at church, was pizza, salad and chips. Yummy! Since I was teaching this evening I went down to the classroom after dinner to make sure things were ready for class. While I was down there I heard children's hand bell choir practicing and was impressed with how good they sound already. I wanted to pop in and take a few pictures of Michael and Mykalin practicing but I was afraid I would disrupt practice so I didn't.

And now I'm looking forward to a good night's sleep and a new say tomorrow.

FRIDAY - Fellowship Friday

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  1. Glad you got in a 'power nap'! It's amazing how reenergizing they can be!!