Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Farm Animals In Ice

Last week I put the animals from our small farm set in containers of water and froze them. Today I got them out and let Michael and Hunter play with them. This kept them occupied the better part of the morning.

At first the tried to dig the animals out of the ice. That didn't work very well and we talked about how water freezes and becomes hard when it is very cold. I told them that as the ice got warm it would melt but it would take awhile.

Then they played with the cubes, putting them in and out of the small containers they were frozen in.

Stirring the ice cubes around in the water was fun too.

Their hands got cold so I gave them dry washcloths to dry their hands with. They decided to wash dishes with the washcloths.

They finally left the table but kept returning to check on the ice cubes until they were melted and the animals were free.

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  1. Brilliant! My kids will LOVE this and I will love the creative focus it would generate. Thanks for the idea! Found you on the Friday Blog Hop. :)

  2. I keep meaning to try this idea - think I'm going to freeze some treasure for them to discover.

  3. so fun!!! I just froze dinos in ice last night! My girls haven't seen them yet! I think they will enjoy trying to get them out of the ice age , haha!

    Hope to see you this week on the Sunday Showcase - come share your fun with us -


  4. I definitely have to try this out for my 2 and 6 yos! I love it. My oldest two aren't home from their summer trip yet but what fun!

  5. Kids just love digging things out of ice! You've been mentioned on this week's It's Playtime: Ice is Nice. Thanks for playing with us!