Monday, February 28, 2011

A Birthday Party for Dr. Seuss

A daycare parent sent me text Sunday reminding me that tomorrow is Dr. Seuss' birthday. She suggested that it would be fun to have a party for the kids and offered to supply cake and balloons. I happily accepted her offer and told her I would check out some resources online for some fun activities for the kids. She suggested a site called Seusville.

Suessville is a fun place full of activities based on Dr. Suess' books. There are printables, online games, ideas for group activities, and arts and crafts. There are also special sections for parents and educators.

I printed some pictures to color and a craft for the kids to do.

When Sarah (the parent who got the party ball rolling with her suggestion) came this evening to pick up her child, she brought the balloons and cake along with a lot of party favors and other fun things.

I'm looking forward to some fun tomorrow and will post pictures. Is anyone else celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday with kids? I'd love to hear about it if you are. 

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