Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Photo Journal Monday February 14, 2011

Our internet went down yesterday and we just got it back this evening.. So I'm posting yesterday's photos today.

We had a lot of fun yesterday and I took a lot of pictures. The kids thoroughly our Valentine's Day fun, as well as the chance to get outside and play.

We started off we some valentine crafts. These were just little foam cards with foam stickers for decorating.

Austin and Amanda put together little bags with valentines and candy for each of the kids.

I blew up lots of pink and red balloons.

Then we enjoyed the cards and candy.

Then we went outside to burn off some of the sugar energy.

The tilled up garden area is such a favorite place to play right now. The kids aren't going to like it when we plant seeds there and they can't play in it anymore but hopefully they'll enjoy the watching things grow. Anyway, for now it's a great place to run and dig and play with trucks.

I found our big box of sidewalk chalk and brought it out for the kids to enjoy. 

Doug went over the garden again with the tiller. The soil is working up really nicely and looks like good quality for growing vegetables.

After spending the night listening to some strange sounds coming from the roof due to all the wind, Doug went up this afternoon and nailed down a few loose places.

While waiting for dinner the kids created masterpieces with markers and stickers and practiced their cutting skills.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day.

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