Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Daily Photo Journal Wednesday February 2, 2011

Today was sunny, warm and windy. The temperature almost reached 60 degrees, topping out here at 59. It was very breezy though and the that helped to start drying up the ground where the last snow melted.

Several of the kids weren't feeling well today. It's the time of year when it seems like colds just don't want to end. Amanda is running a fever today and has body aches and chills. Michael's fever finally seems to be gone after two days. Doug said he thinks he's calling in to work tomorrow because he's not feeling very good either - coughing so much that it's making it hard to sleep at night.

But we had some good times today too and here are a few pictures of our day.

We made oyster snack crackers this morning and had them for snack this afternoon. Thankfully the kids didn't seem to mind that I left them in the oven too long and they came out a little burnt. Oops!

This house and the little people and cars were the main focus of free play today. So much fun!

We used the front porch again to get some outside time. Austin found a caterpillar and the kids were fascinated by it.

I don't think we will be doing any reading tonight. Amanda is asleep in the recliner already and I'm certainly not going to disturb her. Hopefully she will feel better tomorrow.

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