Sunday, February 27, 2011

When You Give a Man (and a Boy) a Water Filter. . .

. . . and they try to take it out of the garage basement . . . here's what happens.

After trying to put it on the appliance cart and pull (and push) it up the steps, resulting in  . . . nothing, they decide to attach a chain to it and pull it out of the basement with the truck.

And the fun begins.

Austin attaches the chain to the truck.

Doug attaches it to the water filter.

And pull!

And the chain pops off.
So they try again.

And again.

And again!

Each time they pull it comes part way up the steps, the chain pops off, it rolls down the steps and more water spills out of a small opening in the top.

Finally, after many tries and spills, enough water has spilled out to lighten it somewhat.

Time to try a new approach.

Build a ramp

And pull . . .

. . . and pull . . .

. . . and push . . .

. . .  and it finally comes out.

I won!

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