Saturday, September 15, 2012

The ABC Bunny PreK/K Unit

We recently completed a unit study based on The ABC Bunny by Wanda Ga'g. Here are some of the resources we used and activities we did in this unit.

The kids loved this song and were getting pretty good at singing along.

The following three activities came from the ABC Bunny printables section of Homeschool Creations

ABC Bunny Memory

Classification Worksheets
These were my favorite worksheets that we did.

Alphabet Memory

ABC Bunny Game
This game was one of their favorite activities in this unit.

Animal coloring pages from

This was a fun unit and Homeschool Creations has many more activities that could be done to go along with this cute book.


  1. I love your activities! thank you for sharing. I am currently homeschooling my 4 year old and 2 year old and so any ideas are always greatly appreciated!! I can't wait to explore some more of your blog. Thank you for following and perhaps reading from time to time my ramblings on my blog. I did this cute activity I came up with for Anteaters...I just printed out a coloring page with an Anteater on it and then taped a pink pipe cleaner to it...then we painted ant bodies with our fingers so the Anteater could pretend to eat ants. :) My boys looooved it. :)