Friday, September 21, 2012

The Walnut Acre Daily - Mushrooms, Crocheted Rag Rug, and More

After experimenting for a couple weeks with doing a weekly update post I've decided to switch back to the daily posts. I seem to keep up with them better when I do them daily and it's a fun way for me to look back over the day while keeping parents of the kids who come daily updated on the things we are doing. 

We got off to a really slow start this morning, mostly because Michael slept in and because Michael was sleeping it seemed like a quiet lazy morning. We ended up missing our usual 8:30 Bible lesson completely. 

After the kids had breakfast and played outside for awhile they came in for our 11:00 work time. Here are some of the things we did.
1. Watched a short video about visiting the doctor.
2. Completed M is for medicine and number 10 worksheets.
3. Played a memory game with pictures related to doctors and nurses - thermometer, cast, medicine, etc. 
4. Phonics using Starfall.
We also sang a song about visiting the doctor and worked on our memory verse - A cheerful heart is good medicine. Proverbs 17:22

When we got home from taking Lauren to preschool I went and took some pictures of these mushrooms growing in our front yard. Some of them are even growing on the tree and pushing the bark out. Doug said they were there last year too but there weren't as many. I don't remember them, but I think they look pretty interesting.

CJ has been enjoying his new to him computer. This afternoon when he came home from school he colored this picture and wanted me to take a picture of it. He's planning to hang it in his room over his desk. 

After Doug came home from work he and CJ went and got gas for the mower and then Doug spent a good part of the evening mowing. He also worked on the cold frame he's building for me. Most of the materials for this have been free or extremely cheap and come from work. The wood and plastic they are just glad to have him take away so they don't have to. It's great for us as we have all kinds of ideas for things to make with these materials. 

This is what has been occupying large amounts of my time this week - cutting strips of fabric from old clothes and sheets and crocheting them into a rug. This rug is my first crocheted rug and I'm still learning how to keep everything even.  I'm using lots of random colors and using up lots of old scraps. I'm planning to put it in the playroom where there are lots of random things going on anyway so it should fit well. It's a lot of fun to make and I've been a little obsessed with it. 


  1. sometimes i wish my girls would sleep in. lazy mornings can be great.

    those mushrooms are definitely interesting!

    great job on your rug! i think it looks awesome!

  2. I love mushrooms...I like this mushrooms post here....