Monday, December 12, 2011

The Week in Words - Friendly Fire

I've been reading the book When Bad Christians Happen to Good People by Dave Burchett. It is an interesting book that deals with a very real  problem. Even though we are Christians we are human and sometimes we hurt each other.

I'm only on page 27 but already I appreciate the fact Burchett not only addresses the fact that sometimes we do hurt each other but also that we sometimes try to use that hurt as an to excuse to run away from other Christians and from Jesus. It is our responsibility to find our for ourselves who Jesus is and what He means to us.

Here are some quotes from his book.

"If we can spend hours, days and weeks finding the right retirement investment portfolio, dabbling in hobbies, or developing our own bowling form, then we should be able to squeeze out a little time when we get up in the morning to understand Christ's claims and what they mean, regardless of our experiences with other Christians." (page 4)

"Most of us Christians have been wounded by "friendly fire" somewhere along our journey. Whether that fire is intentional or not, the scars are real." (page 4)

"This book has been written for the person who has been jurt by a judgemental or unfriendly church. . . . . This book is also intended for Christians who inflicted these wounds. Would it surprise you to learn that there is probably a significant overlap between these two audiences? (page 4)

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  1. Friendly fire. Yep, I've been hurt by that, and I'm sure I've hurt others by it from me. The scars definitely are real, but I'm so thankful the Healer is stronger and deeper than the scars.

    Sounds like a wonderful book. Thanks for sharing these quotes.

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  3. I hadn't heart of this book. I will be checking it out! Thanks.

  4. That book says something real of what's happening these days.

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  6. I think all of us have experienced friendly fire at some point or another--but the greatest tragedy is that "friendly fire" does so often become an excuse to back away from Christ and from His body. It's so sad that so many run away in hurt from the only One who can truly heal (and from the body that He often uses to bring that healing.)

    It sounds like Burchett's take might be interesting.

  7. I'm sorry it took me so long to get by! Those are powerful quotes. I think every Christian has been hurt by friendly fire at some point. I'm sure that's why (or at least one reason why) there is so much in the Bible about forgiveness and overlooking one another's faults and love hiding a multitude of sins. There is a lot of instruction, too, about loving others and speaking carefully and walking in wisdom: we do need to seek God's grace for that. But we all fail. My consciousness of my own failures and God's great grace in forgiving them help me to be able to forgive others.