Monday, December 12, 2011

A God of Order - And of Love

Finding Heaven

Some days, when I feel like I'm going under and I'm wondering if I'm going to sink to the bottom or come back up for another try I grab hold of a thought or a phrase and hang on like it's a lifeline.

Last Monday was one of those days. It started the night before when I looked around and felt like everything around me was out of order. Mentally I felt stretched and scattered. And my physical surroundings mirrored that mind set. I had no idea how I was going to get through the next day, much less the week.

And then one thought came mind - God is a God of order. I wasn't sure how that helped me at first. There were still too many things to think about, remember, and do. And yet it stayed with me - God is a God of order. I began to understand. I don't have to make everything work - I am a child of God and God will bring the order that needs to be if I will let Him. So I slowly began to let go, to relax in the knowledge of Who is really in control. And things began to sort themselves out and become more orderly. I was able to let someone else take over one responsibility so I could get some much needed rest. I let go of one activity for the week that I had put on my calender but wasn't really important. By taking one day, one hour, sometimes one minute at a time and refusing to worry about what I was not in control of I suddenly looked around and realized that order was indeed restored. Things were not perfect but there was order to chaos that had been lacking before.

God is a God of order but even more than that, God is a God of love. And this week He showed that love to me by bringing order out of chaos.


  1. A good reminder indeed. We must let go of a little if it will save us in the end!

  2. it's amazing to know that He can figure out our chaos into something that lays flat and is... understandable.

    that's glory.

  3. I understand the chaos and the need for order. I am waiting to see what that order will look like in my life.

  4. good lesson...sometimes it's hard to just let God be God and trust that He will order our steps. Way to let go!

  5. Well said! Finding the calm in the storm is a very important thing. God is a God of order, we just have to let him take the reigns once in a while.

    Following you now, love your inspiration. Love for you to check out (Warning, it's under a little design construction at the moment.)

  6. After all, He said, "Let there be..." in the midst of chaos.

  7. I, too, try too hard sometimes. I like the way you let God's order bring peace to you.