Thursday, August 16, 2012

When You Dream Alone

God gives us dreams a size too big so that we can grow into them. ~ Author Unknown


We hear and read a lot about chasing your dreams, about dreaming big, and never giving up. And I'm a firm believer in all these ideas. I  believe God places within us dreams for a reason. I believe I was born at in this place, at this time, with these dreams for a reason. I believe that dreams and ideas are often a gift from God, one that we sometimes refuse to unwrap and fully appreciate because we don't realize their value. 

But what happens when these dreams are very big, and very real and dear to you and yet . . . it seems like you dream alone? It seems like no one shares the dream or is willing to truly work together to achieve the dream. 

Do you give up on the dream? Should you walk away and say it must not be achievable? Maybe it's unrealistic. Maybe it's just a silly fantasy. 

I'm very familiar with those feelings but I'm learning not to walk away from my dreams. Here are some things I'm learning about dreaming alone.

God sized dreams can only be brought to reality by the Author of those dreams - God. Sometimes God gives us God sized dreams so that we will learn to depend on Him to bring them about and give Him the glory when they are. David had a God sized dream when he went to face Goliath. And no one else thought he could do this.  David knew going in to this venture that only through God could this be accomplished and when Goliath was killed it was obvious Who should receive the glory.

Be patient. Learn to wait on God. This can be a really hard one for me - I'm really not so good at waiting for things. It's hard to have a dream so real to me I can see it and be told to wait. But God's timing is perfect and when the time is right He will move. And often He is moving in ways we can't see with our human eyes. And when the time is right, those who are part of the dream will be available and ready. 

Don't try to force others to embrace your dream. This is another hard one for me. I get a vision, am enthralled by all it represents, and immediately expect everyone else to be on board with me. But if they don't share the dream, if they haven't seen the vision, they aren't going to feel the excitement. And all my talking, nagging, and  pushing is only going to push others away, not draw them in. Sometimes it's good to share the dream, although there are other times when it's better to hold it close. But either way, trying to force others to share it is futile and can be damaging. Let God do the preparation in others without human interference. 

Be flexible. Yes God gives dreams but we are only human. Sometimes we try to fill in the details with our own earthly vision. And then we have a hard time letting go of these details that were really not part of the plan. Sometimes we can add so many of our own details that when the dream does began to come true we don't even recognize it and turn it away. 

Continue to grow and learn. Waiting time is the perfect time to be growing and learning. Does the dream involve any special skills or knowledge? Use the waiting time to hone those skills and gain that knowledge - read, practice, learn from others, network. And most of all, grow spiritually. Pray and read His Word. Develop that most important relationship so that you are strong and well rooted when the time comes. 

Believe in your dreams, 
For even those that seem out of reach,
Are safe in Unseen Hands.
~ Unknown

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  1. I don't think I have ever really dreamed to do things outside of being a wife, homemaker, and mother. I do dream I succeed in all these things. I "dream" I have a successful garden and homestead. I know God will bless me and my family.

    I also try not to discourage those around me who have big dreams. My oldest dreams of being in the Olympics. I will dream that dream along with her.

  2. Beautiful and wise words in this post... Thank you for reminding all of us that it is not actually " our vision" we are waiting or preparing for in our BIG DREAMS...I do think God likes it when we work along with HIM while we wait though!