Friday, August 24, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Join

Today I'm joining the fun with Lisa-Jo Baker and others as we write for 5 minutes on one word. Today's word is - Join. 


This can be a hard concept for me. I have a tendency to be very independent, to walk alone, to take the road less traveled. And yet God calls his children to work as a body. And body parts do not function well alone. And so I find myself on a journey toward less independence and more inter-dependence. And yet, to do this requires a certain amount of trust, of tearing down walls carefully built, and this can be difficult and painful. I find myself pulling back, hesitant to join, afraid of getting hurt. But God continues to gently work with me, encouraging me to take one step at a time, as I join with others in the work He would have us do together. It's a process, this joining. But I am learning it is also a blessing, and so I continue to work at it, one little step at a time.


  1. Great post! It's awesome to see that you recognize a weakness and are working towards defeating it. Love it!

  2. If only people, self included, could admit they even have weaknesses and ask for help rather than yell or gripe at those around because they "aren't doing their part". I think the family unit is also a chance to see how the body of Christ works. A family needs each member, because if it is done right, the members each have job. When one member slacks, the other members suffer because it adds one more task to their list.

  3. It's such a blessing to others when people trust enough to put themselves out there. Maybe it doesn't always work out every time, but isn't it wonderful when it does?