Friday, August 17, 2012

A Peek Inside My Home Management Notebook

I spent the majority of one of my vacation days last week reorganizing and upgrading my Home Management Notebook. At one time I used this notebook all the time but somehow it got disorganized and clunky and eventually it was just too much trouble to try to use it. But I really missed it. After getting used to using one it felt a little like losing a limb not to have a working home management notebook system. So now I'm happily using my notebook and reaping the benefits of feeling a little more organized. 

In fact, I'm so happy to have it I thought I would give a tour of my notebook and where I found the printables I'm using. They're from a variety of different places but they're all free. 

So here goes . . .

Here's the front of it. I love that it can be zipped shut and I can use the handle on the side to carry it. Because I do carry it with me almost everywhere. 

When it's opened up you can see that a child decided to decorate it for me. Eventually I may get some more dividers but it's really not a big deal to me. It's simply a little picture into my life. I love the calculator built in here as well as the pockets pen holders.

Next is one of my favorite sheets in the whole system. I love this weekly planning sheet from I Heart Organizing. She has a whole section of free printables that are well worth checking out. I've looked for a long time for a weekly planner laid out this way and am so happy to have finally found one. And I love the colors as well.

Next up is a simple little printable with a list of morning and evening chores and activities that need to be a regular part of the daily routine to keep things running smoothly. I found this one at alphamom.

Then there's my printable list of weekly and monthly housekeeping chores. I have them divided into the chores that I do and the chores Austin and Amanda do. As they get done throughout the week I cross them off. 

The next nine printables come from the printables section of Life Your Way. This is one of my favorite sites for printables and there is a fantastic section of printables for holiday planning that I intend to make use of later this year.

I love the menu planner printable. Here's one I've partially filled out. At this point I was still waiting to find out what some of the kids were planning to cook on their days so it wasn't all filled in yet.

The Homeschool Planner fits my needs very well. 

I have monthly calendar sheets for the rest of this year . . . 

. . . and a one page 2013 calendar.

There's a sheet for babysitter information.

A place to list all the important birthdays - I desperately needed this one!

A handy place for all the Bible verses that are so encouraging.

Here's one I really needed. There are so many sites that I need a password to get into and I've forgotten some of the passwords. Finally there's a place for me to write these down, all in one place so I can quit having to reset my passwords all the time.

And finally, from this site, a place to keep school information for CJ and a couple of the kids I babysit.

Also in my planner is My Daily Food Plan. This is my customized food plan developed with this Daily Food Plan tool. I've used this before and really liked it.

I looked and looked for a blog planning sheet that I liked and, although I found a lot of really nice ones, I just couldn't get them to work for me. So I finally created my own. This is working well for me. The numbers at the bottom of each square are the dates. If the number is highlighted that post has been written and scheduled. If there is a date with a handwritten note I have started that post but not finished it - I may need photos or additional information before I can finish and publish it. 

The last three printables come from a site called Free Printable Medical Forms.  There are so many really handy forms here. Here are the three that I felt were relevant for us - the Medication Tracker, Seizure Record, and Doctors Visit Record. 

At the very back of the planner there's a place for business cards. I also keep a set of Bible Memory cards here. 

And, finally, a few sheet protectors with various things in them. Here are some crafts and games that were ready for the kids to do soon.

And that's a look at my current Home Management Notebook. I hope you enjoyed the tour and that some of these sites and printables will be useful for you.


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  1. All I can say is Wow! You are very organized! That is awesome.

    Sorry I didn't make it out. My hubby had to make an emergency trip to Florida after his parents were injured in an accident. He took the GPS. So, perhaps some other time we can meet.

  2. Thanks for all the great links. I wish I were as organized as you are!

  3. Neat idea, but I can't imagine finding the time to fill all of that in.

    - The Tablescaper

  4. I love organization ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  5. love this, I actually already use some of these printables, great aren't they?

    would love it if you could share this on my link party Serenity Saturday, that runs from Saturday till Thursday @

  6. I love planners, planning and organizing. Thank you for sharing! I am actually sharing my own in an upcoming post.

  7. It's party time over at Debt Free Mommy Blog and you're invited! Please come by and link up any post(s) related to making your home a better space. I hope you'll join us for Making Space Mondays. Hope to see you there! -Tabitha

  8. Thanks for sharing! I'm looking to add some pages to my planner :)

  9. Very nice. I wish I could be this household organized. I'm lucky I get out of my PJs most days to be honest. Some day.. I'll get to were you are. Thanks for sharing your links.

  10. What an inspiration! Thanks so much for sharing this.

  11. girl you are organized!!! thanks for sharing! I'll be featuring this inspiring posts on mercyINK's featured posts this Tuesday :) blessings!

  12. That is organization! You've provided great resources for any mom who wants to get better organized. Before I started to get organized, I had to remember not to be intimidated by women who were well organized, but to be inspired. I just had to take one little baby step at a time, and I would eventually get there.
    Thanks for sharing your expertise at NOBH!

  13. I'm so JEALOUS of your organization! I'm definitely not there yet - but it's a great goal for me to reach for! What a wonderful post to share at the beginning of the year for those us who like to stay organized! Thanks so much for linking up to the Weekend Wind Down Link Party tonight! Happy New Year to you! :D

  14. I tell myself that I am going to do this every year. But I just can not give up my dry erase calendar. Thank you for the inspiration, if you ever feel like you need some I invite you to come check out my Blog Dare page. Have a great day.

  15. I started a binder several years ago, but couldn't keep up. Trying to stay on top of things with a small planner. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  16. This is wonderful! I love all the ideas and may copy some of your pages. It's great to keep everything in one place :) Thanks for sharing at Together on Tuesdays!

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