Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Love Schedules!

Anyone who knows me long knows I like schedules. I like schedules because they give me a framework for my days that helps ensure all the major areas that need attention are covered. 

But I've also learned that as much as I need a schedule, I also have to be flexible. Because my day to day life is full of people of all ages (and I LOVE that) there are always unexpected changes to my day. And that may mean I have to do things a little differently than my written schedule shows. And that's okay. Because we do have schedule that is followed fairly consistently it is pretty simple to get back on track. We simply jump back in as close to where we're supposed to be as possible and keep going. And because we do have a consistent schedule things do not fall apart because there are interruptions here and there. 

Since I really like schedules I love reading other people's schedules and seeing how they make things run more smoothly. So I thought I would share mine on my blog. I posted it as a page on this blog. To find it simply go to the top of the page on click on the Schedules tab. Or click here to go directly to it. I did not include a schedule for the weekends because we really don't have a consistent schedule for weekends. Sunday mornings we nearly always go to church but the rest of the weekend varies greatly. The schedule I've posted is what I'm planning to use through the end of May. At that point I'll make a new schedule to incorporate some of the changes that come with summer. Since school will be out for CJ there will be changes to his schedule. We may also switch a few other things around at that point as well.

Do you have a schedule for your self or family? I'd love to hear how others make schedules work for them.

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