Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Weekend Wrap-Up

What a fun and busy weekend this was.

It started with Austin and Doug leaving early Saturday morning to be at the men's prayer breakfast at church at 8:00 and then staying for a church workday. Doug took the riding lawn mower, weedeater and leaf blower and they helped with the work on the church grounds. 

By 9:00 CJ and Michael and I were also at church because I needed to be there for the final practice for the Easter play. We all got back home around 11:30 and grabbed a little lunch. Then Austin had to be back at church at 12:30 to help set up for the Easter egg hunt in the afternoon. In the meantime Doug, Michael and CJ took a load of trash to the landfill.

We all met back at the church around 2:00 for the Easter egg hunt. There were 750 eggs in three different areas and the children were divided into three different age groups. Before the actual hunt the children gathered around to here the Easter story. After the hunt snacks were served and prizes given out.

I had to get this one of Doug and CJ swinging.

After the Easter egg hunt we made a trip to Wal-mart because I needed a pair of sandals and another shirt to wear for the play. And CJ and Michael had their allowances burning holes in their pockets that they "needed" to buy something with. 

Home again, made dinner and a breakfast casserole to take to church this morning. Then (most of us) went to bed early. Judging by how tired Austin was today I think he must have stayed up late last night.

This morning we were up early to get to church by 7:00 for the Easter sunrise service. It was a fairly short service and we put on our first performance of the Easter play then. 

After the sunrise service there was a breakfast and then more practice and setting up for the main service. Then Sunday School and the play again during the worship service. I really wish I could have gotten pictures or gotten someone else to get pictures for me but it was so busy and the lights were dimmed so it would have been hard to do. Everyone worked really hard on it and I thought it turned out really well. Seeing, and being a part of the story played out, complete with a cross, a "crucifixion" and the triumphal rise from the tomb was really touching. 

This afternoon has been fairly quiet, just relaxing here at home. We watched TV, spent some time outside, and Austin cooked us dinner. 

It's been a great weekend and now I'm looking forward to a fun and busy week ahead.

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  1. Wow....just plain WoW!!

    What a thrilling, happy time had by all. These image shares make me enjoy the day even more so. I loved going along with you on your Easter Sunday.