Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Few Things on My Outdoor Play Wish List

This time of year we spend so much time outside and we all love it.  We have some toys outside - balls, outdoor chalk, wagon, tire swing, and Outdoor Play Spaces. And I have to say the kids do a wonderful job using their imaginations and putting into use anything available to have a lot of creative fun playing together. 

But I also have to admit there are a few more things I would love to have to add to our outdoor play equipment and supplies. 

This sand and water table looks like so much fun. We had a sand and water table (a different kind) that was given to us used. It has since broken and we have yet to replace it. 

I can see the kids enjoying these Backyard Cargo vests on our almost daily nature walks. The little pockets are great for the flowers and little rocks and sticks that get picked up along the way. 

And these backyard safari tools look pretty cool too. I'd need about five sets on them so each child could hook a set to their vest.

And for short term creepy crawly critter observation these look like so much fun! Kids just love to watch the fascinating bugs and insects all around us and this habitat allows good views from all sides as they observe. 

And, finally,  I would love to get a few more riding toys for the kids to ride around the yard on. It seems we can never have too many of these around. 

So there's my little wishlist. What kinds of outdoor toys do your kids enjoy or you wish you could add to your backyard?

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  1. The sand and water tables are always such a fun thing for kids. I wanted to get one too.