Monday, April 30, 2012

Radical Love - What If?

Today's Hear It On Sunday, Use It On Monday post is going to be related to a Sunday School discussion again. We have a lot of good discussions in our class and I usually leave with something that I find myself thinking of numerous times throughout the week.

The word radical came up. 

There are times when we see, sometimes personally face, evil so radical we cannot understand it. We cannot wrap out minds around such a deep evil. We are not that way and we cannot understand it. It is evil beyond our comprehension. It exists in this world and we cannot deny it. We saw it on 9/11. I doubt anyone reading this post can comprehend the kind of radical evil that would cause those people to do the things they did that day.  

And yet, as evil, and almost overwhelming as this is, we know we serve a God even greater than this radical evil. And He is radical too. But a totally different kind of radical. His kind of radical is shown through love. Love of all humankind, love so deep that it was willing to give the ultimate sacrifice to save us from certain destruction.

What if all of us who make the claim to follow Him, to be His children through Jesus, were to live lives so truly radical that those around us would be astounded? They would wonder what it is that makes these people behave this way. How can they love the unlovely, forgive the seemingly unforgivable, go not only the extra mile but many more, not only for their neighbors and friends, but for their enemies? If we were truly ready to live a life of radical love, what would it look like? Would those around us be able to comprehend this love? 

If I truly believe that the God I serve is a God of love, and that in the end this love will conquer all, than it is time for me to start living out what I believe. 

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