Saturday, February 18, 2012

Scenes From Our Saturday

When my day begins with my child sporting an outfit like this . . . I know it's going to be an interesting one.

And it was - interesting and busy, and mostly fun.

Friends of ours bought new furniture for their living room. Doug went this morning and took out the old furniture, intending to take it to the landfill. When he came home with it and we started really looking at it, we realized we could use parts of it. So two parts of a three part sectional are now being enjoyed in our playroom.

The third piece is broken so Doug put it in the garage and is going to see if he can fix it.

Today was sunny and warm so the kids and I spent hours outside.

I'm not sure what all was going on here but I know it involved bear hunting, bear traps and walnut soup.

There was also a tin can drum . . .

. . . and digging in the garden . . .

. . . rides . . .

. . . and toy repair.

We made some more yarn and stick people.

Michael took his stick person (he told us it was his daughter named Isaac) for a ride on his bike.

Unfortunately, daughter Isaac, met with an unfortunate fate, bringing great grief to her father, and we had to make a new Isaac.

All in all (despite poor Isaac) it was a really good day.

Now the little kids are in bed asleep and the older kids are doing quiet activities. We're all hoping for some snow tomorrow, the forecast is saying 4 - 6 inches. If we get that it will be our first real snow this winter. Between now and then, I'm hoping for a good nights sleep.



  1. looks like an interesting and fun day :) we spent most of our outside too. trimming and mulching raspberries and roses and chopping and cutting wood. the sunshine was wonderful!!

  2. Wow! That's full on - looks like you are in your element :) I really like the stick and yarn people - they are a great idea!

  3. It looks like you have had a busy weekend. I would be proud of that husband for fixing the chair. Awesome when someone can figure out something so simple, save money, and fix it on their own. People today don't do that much, self included. Great fun. Oh, and I love that big tree in the yard.

  4. Looks like a fun and active day. The stick and yarn people are great!

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