Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Funny Story Behind Today's Valentine Cookies

Don't these Valentine's Day cookies look yummy?

I thought so too, but let me tell you a story about these cookies.

I thought the kids would enjoy a fun Valentine addition to their lunch and I know Amanda often enjoys baking with the younger kids, so I asked her to help them make some Valentine cookies this morning. Since I was going to a meeting this morning and someone else was coming in to be with the kids I showed her yesterday where the Sugar Cookie mix was and told her to simply follow the instructions on the package. I left this morning before she was really all the way awake, so I told her if she had any questions she could text me. On the way to the meeting I reached for my phone and realized I had left it at home on the charger. I felt bad, but since there were two adults in charge back at home, I wasn't too worried about it.

When I came home I was happy to see that the cookies had been baked. Amanda made the comment that they were a pain to make which I thought was a little strange since it was mix you simply add water to. But I was still thinking about the meeting and really didn't think too much about her comment . . . until I tasted the cookies. These did not taste like any sugar cookies I had ever tasted before. They really didn't taste like any kind of cookies I had ever eaten. And the texture was strange. But it was the first time I had bought this particular mix so I thought maybe it was just a strange tasting mix. I went to look at the mix package and realized it was still full. But . . . the Cream of Wheat package beside it was suspiciously low in contents. I knew what had happened, but I was having a bit of a hard time believing it.

"Did you follow the directions on this package?" I asked her, showing her the Cream of Wheat. She replied "Yes." "You mean you cooked it like the directions say and then put spoonfuls on the cookie sheet and baked them?" "Yes" she answered again, looking a little puzzled. I had to laugh then. "What does this package say?" I asked her, holding it up. That's when she realized what she had done and her eyes got big.

Of course, she made sure I realize that the Cream of Wheat

 and the Sugar Cookie Mix

 were right next to each other and the look very similar. She simply grabbed what she thought was cookie mix and without paying any attention to the label, followed the instructions. Although I'm pretty sure there were no baking instructions. I guess she decided 350 was a safe bet and she would just take them out of the oven when she thought they looked ready.

We had a good laugh. Thankfully she found it funny too and we laughed together. But it's going to take her awhile to live down the Valentine Cream of Wheat cookies.


  1. Ok, this is too funny... Even more so cause I was there semi- watching from a distance. And not trying to rat out the other adult in the house at the time that the making of these cookies was taking place, and whom also tried getting me into the action by asking me how much SALT to add to the boiling mixture on the stove top... And I kinda looked at it funny and said "salt ? " he said, yeah it says to add salt to taste... Then later asked how long to bake them for, I shrugged and said I don't know, then he said, on 350 for 20 minutes sounds like the magic number... Lol... I'm still laughing at this, now I know why that weird mixture boiling on the stove looked a little odd to be cookies... So, while not letting Amanda live this one down, you can now add Doug's name into the story... (sorry Doug)... Hahaha, never a dull day in your house...lol...

    1. That is so funny. I wondered if you saw what was going on. I'm still laughing.

    2. So funny, even more so with the additional info in the comments! :) But...did they taste ok? Did everyone eat them?

    3. No, they didn't taste very good at all. The adults and older kids had to take a taste just to see how they tasted but I don't think anyone finished one. lol

  2. Well, that is too bad. My brother once made brownies and he either put in the wrong ingredient, or completely forgot something, or maybe put too much of something else in. Well, they turned out to be the best brownies EVER, if you could overlook the fact that they never got past a thick soup consistency! :) To this day (about ten years later) there is still controversy over exactly what went wrong, and no one in the family has been able to replicate the results...lol!