Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Morning Musing Over Coffee - The Jesus They See In Me

Sunday I was looking through the notebook I use to take notes during Sunday School and the sermon on Sunday mornings and I came across this note from a couple months ago -

Sometimes it easy to say "People just don't want Jesus." The truth is people do want Jesus, they just don't want the Jesus they see in you.

I think there is way more truth in this than we sometimes would like to admit. I know, personally, there are way too many days when an onlooker could easily say, if she's an ambassador for Jesus, if she's an example of what a person who walks with Jesus is like, I don't need that. And yet deep inside there is still the longing for the peace that only Jesus (the source of truth and peace) can bring.

It's something I really need to remember today.


  1. very powerful statement and very true! Thanks for sharing this. I love finding things like this to tuck away in my memory.

  2. Oh we really need to remember this daily. I so try to be aware, but all of us fail at times. Thanks for sharing.