Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kid Sized Seating Options

As we are working on redoing our playroom I've been looking at kidsized furniture. KidStuffInABox has a wide variety of kidsized chairs that I've been looking at. They have a wide variety of kid sized chairs. There are boys and girls rocking chairs with footstools, recliners, sports themed chairs and even kid sized couches.

Kids love having seating options that are their size and that they can sit in comfortably and these fit the bill perfectly.

There is also a wide variety of other fun and useful products for kids, from play kitchens to cubbies. I could get lost for hours just looking at all these items and imagining how much fun the kids would have with them. I can't wait to finish painting and start adding fun things to the room.

 Click here to visit your one stop shop for kid's comfort and fun!

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