Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Walnut Acre Weekly - Michael's EEG Results, Gardening and Crafting

Walking With the King
The fear of the Lord - that is wisdom, and to shun evil is understanding. ~ Job 28:28

On Our Nature Walks
With all the blackberries there are to pick right now that's exactly what we've been doing on our nature walks. Sometimes the younger ones don't want to pick blackberries and play instead and that's fine too. 

In the Garden
Monday we planted lots and lots of lima beans. I know it's really late in the year but I decided to still go ahead and try. As strange as the weather is lately maybe I'll get lucky and it will stay mild this fall long enough for them to mature. Also, CJ pulled weeds in his corn patch for nearly an hour.

Tuesday I did some more planting and CJ and Austin pulled more weeds. 

Other Outdoor Fun

We Are Learning
We worked on our dinosaur unit a little more although we got a little sidetracked and didn't get as much done as I had hoped.

We Are Creating
These kids have been on a sewing kick this week. I have threaded so more needles and tied more knots this week than I probably had for the last year. But I'm so glad to see them creatively and constructively engaged so I'm not complaining.




Other Notes and News
The Dr. called Thursday to let us know the results of Michael's EEG Friday. He said it was an abnormal EEG and called it abnormal epileptiform discharges. He was calling the neurologist and was hoping to get back with me sometime yesterday but I didn't hear anything so I'm guessing it will be Monday. I really have no idea what this means in general or for Michael specifically. 

On a different subject - I've decided to try writing a Walnut Acre Weekly instead of my usual Walnut Acre Daily. I'm hoping this will give me more time to do some other writing as well. 

This Week's Quote
If you want children to keep their feet on the ground, put some responsibility on their shoulders. ~ Abigail Van Buren

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  1. It looks like the kids all have a lot of fun with all the activities you do. The sewing projects and dinosaur fun.

    I am sorry you have to go through the uncertainty of Michael's results. It must be extremely frustrating. I do pray God lay his hand on Michael and give him healing as well as wisdom for the doctor.

    Let me know if we are still on for getting together next month. If that week doesn't work, is there another week?