Tuesday, July 24, 2012

10 Things About My Husband

For the next five Tuesdays I thought it would be fun to help you get to know my family a little better by sharing ten things about each one of them. 

So this week I'm starting with my husband, Doug.

1. He has worked at McKee Foods Corporation as a machinest for the last nineteen years. 

2. He is an EMT and volunteers with our local rescue squad.

3. He teaches children's Sunday School and also is involved with the children's ministry on Wednesday night during the school year and teaches Summer Bible School.

4. He is a good mechanic and does nearly all the work on our vehicles and also works on a lot of friends' vehicles as well as small engines.

5. His idea of a good day is to spend it at home, doing work around the house and spending time with the kids.

6. He is calm, steady and reliable.

7. He's fun to cook for because he likes nearly everything.

8. He is seven years older than I am.

9.  He is the oldest of two boys in his family.

10. He recently became active with the Boy Scouts because Austin wanted to join and the Boy Scouts strongly encourage a family member to join with them if possible. 

Next Tuesday's 10 Things post will be about my oldest son - Austin. 

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