Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Book Review - The Staff and the Sword Series

The kids and I recently finished this series of books by Patrick W. Carr. This series drew me in and just made me continue to want read more. I was not ready to see this series come to an end!

Book 1 - A Cast of Stones

In this book we meet Errol, the hero and main character of the story. At this point he is a teenage orphan boy who has tried to escape the misery in his life through drinking. He is given a message to take to a priest and he does so in hopes of earning a coin to use to buy more drink. However this errand starts him on the adventure of a lifetime. He finds himself followed by a killer. And the message he delivers sends the priest and his assistant on a journey to the king of the land, a journey that, for some reason unknown to Errol requires him to go along as well. On the way to the kings castle Errol discovers he has talents he never dreamed he possessed and the kingdom needs him in ways he is not sure he welcomes. And the cast of characters is beyond anything he's experienced before - from a nobles to the king, villians to noble watchmen, and wild ferrals and evil malus, there are surprise meetings around every corner. This book had us hooked and looking forward to this second book in the series.

Book 2 - The Hero's Lot

In the second book in this series we really begin to see the plot unfold. It is also in this book that I began to understand some of the spiritual truths the author is weaving through this story. Errol is sent on a journey to find and kill a dangerous and evil church leader. However this journey is also intended as a punishment for Errol for perceived sins and those who send him do not believe he will survive the encounter. However, not only does Errol survive, but he also finds a priceless treasure that will bring truth to his homeland.

It is also in this book that we see a budding romance between Errol and Princess Adora, a romance that seems impossible, yet struggles to survive nonetheless.

 And, at the very and of this book we find out that the kingdom is in grave danger, leaving us looking forward to the next book and wondering how Errol will meet this new challenge.

Book 3 - A Draw of Kings

The last book in this series continued to pull us in and keep us wondering what was coming next. Errol truly does not believe that he will live beyond the battle to save his homeland. As the struggle for truth, and the salvation of his people continues, Errol also finds out some truths about himself and his relationship with others and with God that change his life. However, in a world where evil is a very real and visible reality, he must concentrate the need to do his part to defeat that evil, even if it means giving up his life. Princess Adora also struggles with this very real possibility, and the heartache she feels as she works with him for the kingdom. From jungles, to mountains, to villages, this book takes the reader through a breathtaking, sometimes almost heart stopping journey of adventure, love, sacrifice and triumph.

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  1. We absolutely LOVED this series at our house too!

  2. We're now reading the first book in this author's second series - The Shock of Night (The Darkwater Saga book 1). We're really enjoying this one too but will probably have to wait for him to write the second book.