Saturday, February 14, 2015

Walnut Acre Week in Review


As usual we were at my Dad's for the afternoon and evening. 


We started out our morning at my sister's house playing and learning with the other kids.

Austin and Amanda helped me trace and cut out some heart shapes for a Valentines day craft.

Michael helped me make chocolate chip cookies for snacks. He's getting really good at cracking and putting in the eggs without making a mess.


Schoolwork! Workbook (includes language arts, math, science and social studies), reviewing number flashcards, reading, sight word bingo, and a memory game (his choice). This is not Michael's favorite time of the day but we keep at it and he's making good progress. I also read him a story that he chose and we did our daily Bible study.

Going for a walk/ride. We're trying to make this little jaunt a part of our daily routine. 

Homework for the girls after I picked them up at the bus stop and a little more schoolwork (reading and writing) for Michael. He's wearing his hat because he got a new hat and glove set from the clearance bin at Food Lion this afternoon. He wanted to wear the gloves too but I told him it would be too hard to write with gloves on.


More schoolwork and games at my sister's house.

Amanda and I went for a walk again. Michael wasn't with us because he wanted to stay at my sister's and play with his cousin for awhile. We still haven't convinced Austin to walk with us.

I didn't get any pictures but Wednesday evening we went to church as usual. We get there between5:00 and 5:30 for dinner and just hanging out with friends. Michael usually spends some time playing basketball with the other kids and then goes downstairs for bell choir practice and then on to his class for the evening. Austin and Amanda go to the youth room. Doug and I are both assistant teachers in children's classes. After classes I stay for choir practice. Wednesday evening is our busiest evening of the week but it's so much fun.


More schoolwork!

And another walk/ride.


I'm not sure why I didn't get any pictures today. It was errand day today and we did all our usual errands - Sharp Shopper, Target, pet store, library, vet, Goodwill, bank, McDonalds for lunch.

This evening Doug and I went to small group. It was an awesome time of sharing, prayer, tears and laughter.


No pictures again today. Doug took Michael with him to take trash to the landfill this morning, and then to the rescue squad while he did some work there. This afternoon the kids played outside even though it was cold. My day was full of kids, cooking, cleaning and laundry.

Here are some of the resources we used this week.





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  1. You may have had a week that was just routine, but it surrounded your children with family and God's love. I can't think of anything more heartwarming than kids playing board games with the adults in the family. It's the most wholesome way to have fun!
    Have a great week ahead!

  2. Awesome,busy week! We really need to walk/exercise more. Just not today-too much snow!!