Monday, February 23, 2015

The Human Machine by Arnold Bennett - A Book Review

Recently I finished listening to The Human Machine by Arnold Bennett on Librivox and I really enjoyed it. This book challenges one to gain control of one's own mind instead of allowing circumstances and the mind's own wandering to dictate the course of thought. This book begins with an exercise of the brain involving keeping hold of one train of thought for at least 30 minutres, allowing no other thoughts to intrude. This exercise was also mentioned in another book he wrote called How to Live on 24 Hours a Day. In this book however he writes more on the idea and the benefits of it's mastery. As one learns to control one's my end and the thoughts that are allowed to gain ground there, one can begin to also choose to control one's responses to things that happen to or around one. This in turn allows more stability and even tempered responses too life.

The main point that stood out to me was that I cannot control everything around me this does not mean that everything around me controls me. I can choose how I respond to the raw material life hands me and whether it becomes something that tears me down or something I choose to build with. Character building can happen regardless of everything else.

 I found this book to be inspiring and helpful in every day life.

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