Monday, February 2, 2015

Blackjack and Ducky - Our Pet Guinea Pigs (Plus a Guinea Pig Webcam)

Today I thought I would tell you a little more about our guinea pigs, Blackjack and Ducky. Guinea pigs are in the rodent family but are very different from pet rats and mice with even from hamsters and gerbils. For starters they are larger and I think they are calmer - at least ours are. 

They are also much more vocal and make a large variety of sounds. There's the "wheek" which is a whistle and usually a sign of excitement. There's a bubbling/purring sound that is a sign of contentment. A rumbling sound is often used to show dominance. They chatter as a warning if they are upset and squeal or shriek when afraid. Sometimes they chase each other around the cage and I hear a kind of chittering sound by the chaser and whining by the chasee.

Blackjack and Ducky hang out in their home in our living room and talk to us when we go by. They can be so funny when they decide they want a treat or their food bowl needs to be refilled because they've will squeal loudly and persistently at us until they get what they want. Sometimes they are quiet and laid back and other times they run wildly around,chasing each other, jumping in the air and kicking their bedding (including the shredded paper we use for part of it) all over the place for us to clean up. But even though they sometimes make a mess we are glad they are part of our animal menagerie.

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