Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Playdough Pattern Fun

Our current focus in math with the younger kids is patterns. We've enjoyed some videos and worksheets on patterns but their favorite activity so far is making patterns with playdough. The first day we did this I used two colors - blue and green. I simply made blue and green circles with marker in patterns and then had the kids put the correct color of playdough on each circle. The second time we did this I used blue, green, yellow and red. I rolled the playdough balls ahead of time but kids who are able and have the patience could do this for themselves. It's a fun sensory experience (and this homemade playdough is peppermint scented, adding to the sensory fun) as well as math. 


  1. simple and fun - can't beat that.

  2. Great activity for the younger kiddos:) thanks for sharing on the NOBH