Monday, October 15, 2012

The Walnut Acre Daily - Catching Up . . . Again

Since school has started and since I had appendicitis I have had a hard time keeping up here. I want to write but before I know it the day is gone and I'm exhausted.

So here I am, trying to catch up again. The main thing that has happened since I've last posted is Michael's sleep study.

We went Tuesday to see the sleep specialist and she agreed that we should do a sleep study to see if we can find out why Michael has such restless sleep. I was surprised when it was scheduled for Saturday night. I was expecting a longer wait, but I was glad to get in quickly. In these pictures he's already had his night time meds and is getting really sleepy. He was a little more wired up than most sleep study patients because not only were they watching for sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome but also for any seizure activity during his sleep. He did so well allowing the technician to get him all set up and he went to sleep quickly. He was restless although I've seen it much worse before. I'm hoping they got enough information to help us understand what is going on at night. We should know in about two weeks when we get the results back.

We got home in time Sunday morning to go to church. I hadn't expected to get back that early and Doug was going to let my Sunday School class just come in with his. Since I was earlier than I had expected I hurriedly put together the supplies for my Sunday School class. Our lesson was on how God supplies all our needs. I took along some playdough to use with the lesson. At first we used the play dough to play a guessing game. One person would pick up a card with a word on it describing a need that God supplies - water, food, shelter, etc. - and then make something with the playdough to illustrate that word while the other person guessed. After we played that my one student wanted to make some other things with the playdough so we made these critters and talked about how God supplies their needs as well. Somehow a snowman showed up for the discussion too.

Sunday afternoon I had choir practice and then Sunday evening their was a group singing at church that we went to hear.

And here are a few pictures from today. Lauren brought cookies and blueberry muffins this morning and they were very good. Lauren and Michael put on a little concert for us. And CJ was busy crafting as usual. 

Hopefully I'll do a little better now about posting regularly. I miss it when I don't get here to update.

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  1. Everyone goes through those busy spells. I don't think you need to feel bad. You do a great job catching up. I like your photo collages. My heart breaks for your little guy. I know it's hard to see them all hooked up to monitors and such. I have had to do that with my girls when they were tested for vision problems. It's hard.

    Have a great week.