Sunday, October 28, 2012

Walnut Acre Weekly - Outdoor Work, Learning, Cooking and More

Left to Right - Doug and Austin working on Austin's bicycle, Michael and Doug shelling beans, playing with playdough, checking  on Michael's sunflowers, making words with letter tiles and putting together number puzzles. 

 We did some work in the garden and found a few critters while we were at it - a toad and a praying mantis.

Fun with beads and playdough and Doug and CJ working on CJ's homework.

Pictures of Amanda from the last two Tuesday afternoons volunteering at the SPCA.

Amanda made us some absolutely delicious twice baked chicken stuffed potatoes. Austin saw me about to crush some crackers and said he wanted to do it. 

Saturday Doug got the generator out to see if it would start - and it did. Pretty good after sitting unused for nine years. It needed some cleaning and some adjustments but it runs. 

The kids were outside a lot Saturday afternoon. They spent a lot of time raking leaves and putting them on the garden. I was glad they got to enjoy the outdoor time because it looks like it's going to be getting a lot cooler now. 

It was a good week!

Books we've been reading this week.


  1. Great weekly wrap-up! That toad is so ugly, but a creature created by God none-the-less.

    You did well with your collages, once again.