Friday, January 28, 2011

Daily Photo Journal Friday January 28, 2011

There was no school again today and we had three school children. Plus I had agreed to keep three kids this evening so their mom could have a mom's night out. So it was a very busy day with a total of eleven day care kids, plus two of Amanda's friends and my own three kids.

Here are some pictures of some of the fun they had today.

Our large legos were well used as usual.

Austin brought out hisK-nex set and the older kids had fun building.

Katie brought a word search book and several of the kids got on the hunt for words.

And the puppets and toy animals were brought out and put to good use.

Sharing a good story is always fun.

Some of the kids started feeling getting restless and decided to go outside and play awhile.

When Doug came home from work he got in on the kid fun as well.

 Just for good measure here's a shot of Amanda folding laundry. And apparently Lauren is trying to climb into that box. I hope she got whatever she was going after.

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