Thursday, January 20, 2011

We had a total of eleven daycare kids today but at the moment there is only one here. All three of my children are at grandma's house and will be home sometime after 9:00. I am expecting two more children any minute who will stay for the night and then leave around 6:30 in the morning.

We made it outside to play for about 45 minutes this morning but by this afternoon the temperature was starting to drop. There's a chance of some snow tonight although the forecast says little or no accumlation. Tomorrow's highs are only supposed to reach the mid 20s and it's going to be windy.

I had fun cooking today and made this macaroni, chicken and cheese casserole for lunch. I made triple recipe and was able to put enough in the freezer for two meals later. For dinner I made a huge batch of chili and was also able to put enough of that in the freezer for two meals. I love having premade meals in the freezer and it's really not hard to double recipes and put some back for another time.

My other accomplishment of the day was to finally clean my refrigerator. Strange and unusual substances were found in there that defy explanation. But they are gone now and the refrigerator shines.

I somehow forgot that I was going to fold the three clean loads of laundry sitting in baskets and sat down and read emails and blogs instead. I guess the laundry will be there tomorrow. And when I tried to sit down and write this afternoon while the kids took their naps I fell asleep myself. Not much writing got done but that sure was some good sleep.

And so goes another day.

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