Sunday, January 30, 2011

Planning: 10 Things in February

While enjoying a cup of coffee and a few quiet minutes to read blogs yesterday I came across this post - 10 Things in February.   I agree that the 100 things in a year lists are a little daunting and have a tendency to be somewhat unrealistic. At least when I try to make a 100 things list it is. But I think I can handle ten things in a month. With a shorter time frame I am more likely to choose realistic and relevant goals. So here are the ten things I would like to accomplish in February.

1. Have a Valentine's Day Party for the daycare kids.

2. Reread Minding Your Own Business by Raymond and Dorothy Moore. This is a book I often go back to and read and reread portions for inspiration and encouragement. But this month I would like to start at the beginning and read it all the way through. It is packed full of so much food for thought and practical advice.

3. Put up some kind of window treatment in the playroom. The window in our playroom lets in a lot of light and looks out on the side yard where we like to watch the birds at the bird feeder and the squirrels in the trees. I don't want to block the light and the view but it needs something. Probably blinds that would be pulled all the way up during the day but could be closed at night and during naptime and a valance at the top.

4. Ditto for my kitchen windows. One of the kitchen windows looks out on the same view as the playroom window. The other provides a view into the back yard where the kids play.

5. Finish the two online child development classes that I've started and neglected. Both are fairly short and won't be hard to finish. I just need to get busy and do it.

6. Reorganize the "baby room." It's being used less and less as a baby room (room with cribs for the babies to sleep) and more and more as a storage room. I want to take out one of the three cribs and reorganize everything else so that everything is easier to get too. 

7. After reading this post on the Frugal Family Fun Blog I can hardly wait to try making some fabric wall decals for one of the walls in our playroom. I have lots of fabric and lots of ideas. Now I just need some time and a little liquid laundry starch.

8. Plan my garden and flower beds. I can hardly wait to start planting!

9. Put together a Home Management Notebook. I've been meaning to do this for months. Time to stop thinking about it and do it.

10. Watch one good movie.

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  1. sounds like a good list reading material is always a good way to remember, rethink and act . i wish i had some know how to fixup rooms. take care rose