Thursday, June 4, 2015

Rain, Real Life and Praise - The Walnut Acre Daily Wednesday & Thursday June 3 & 4, 2015


Whoever is patient has great understanding,
but one who is quick-tempered displays folly.
Proverbs 14:29


If a small thing has the power to make you angry, does not that indicate something about your size? ~ Sydney J. Harris


Yesterday I tried a new squash recipe that was well liked. The pan was completely cleaned out by the end of dinner. The casserole had both yellow and zucchini squash, onions, diced tomatoes, sausage and cheese. 

Today I made a noodle and sausage casserole to share with my sister and family. We've been using more sausage because it is so much less expensive here than ground beef. 


Our yard and garden is still sopping wet from the almost constant rain the past three days. I'm hoping for a break tomorrow, I would love to see the sun!


For some reason my resource pictures don't want to load properly the last few days. But we've been practicing our reading, reviewing word and number flashcards, working in Michael's workbook, playing nutrition bingo, watching videos about the rainforest and phonics, and reading stories.



We've just been doing the usual - housework, laundry, taking care of the animals. Amanda deep cleaned her room. Doug has been working on various projects in the garage. This evening he was working on his cousin's vehicle.


Yesterday Michael and I went to the feed store and bought 25-50 pounds of feed for almost all the animals. 

Yesterday evening I had choir practice and Michael went with me. He loves music and singing so I told him and long as he sits quietly and doesn't interrupt he can go with me. He did very well and will
All probably go along next week as well. 

This morning Austin had a dentist appointment at 8:00. This appointment was a short one and we were back out by 8:30. Just a couple more appointments and his dental work should be finished. Yay!!!!!

This evening Austin, Amanda and Michael are at my sister's for the evening. 



Some days I get to this section and I feel like I just don't have anything of importance to share here. But maybe it's partly because I don't always want to share the hard parts as well as the good parts. The last few days have been kind of hard. Michael's behavior has been off the wall and his sleep at night has been very broken. And when he doesn't sleep I don't sleep. Then last night I felt the beginnings of a panic attack setting in (first one in a long time). I was in bed when it started and was able to breathe deeply and remind myself that everything is fine and God has it under control. This morning I woke up in pain. I lay there in bed and thought about how I could imagine the shape of my skeleton by the pain in my bones. It was hard to get motivated and get moving this morning. I don't write this because I want to throw a pity party or feel sorry for myself but simply to keep things real. Sometimes life is hard and that's ok.  I know that even though things are a bit rough the last few days they will even out again. I have a call in to Michael's doctor to make an appointment to discuss my concerns. The pain will go like it always does and I'll continue to have more good days than bad ones. I'm grateful that the chronic pain (that the doctor can find no cause for) isn't usually bad enough to slow me down significantly and some days I barely know it's there. I know that some of these things are aggravated by the last three days of almost constant rain and the sun will come out again. And most of all I'm grateful for the fact that God's grace and strength is available no matter what is happening. 


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