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Homeschool Log 11/13 - 11/18

We only did two days of "school"  this week instead of our usual four. On Tuesday a large part of my day was taken up with a meeting in the morning and then Michael had an appointment at Kluge Children's Rehabilitation Center (details in this post) in the afternoon. Wednesday is our normal day off and then Friday public schools were out and one of Amanda's friends was here for the day so I let my kids off school as well. Next week will be a short week as well - only Monday and Tuesday - and then we will hopefully be back on schedule for a couple weeks before the Christmas holidays.

So here is some of what they did this week.



Lesson 1 - Factors Introduction
Lesson 2 - Chair Arrays
Lesson 3 - Defining "Factor"
Lesson 4 - Finding Factors
Lesson 5 - Primes and Composites
Lesson 6 - Sorting Primes and Composites
Lesson 7 - Multiples Intro
Lesson 8 - Calendar
Lesson 9 - Hundreds Chart
Lesson 10 - Factors Vs. Multiples
Lesson 11 - Questions
Lesson 12 - Summary

Lesson 1 - Introduction
Lesson 2 - Review of Area and Perimeter
Lesson 3 - Same Area/Different Perimeter
Lesson 4 - Same Perimeter/ Different Area
Lesson 5 - Changing the Length of the Rectangle
Lesson 6 - Exploring Rectangle Shapes
Lesson 7 - Snow Walls

Austin and Amanda - Grammar
Video - Participial Phrases and Participles as Adjectives 4:34
Video - Participial Phrases Set Off by Commas 4:57

Austin and Amanda - Physical Science: Atom
Video - Physical Science - The Structure of an Atom 6:16
Video - The Earliest Models of the Atom 9:00
Video - The Rutherford Model of the Atom 9:10
Video - The Bohr Model of the Atom 9:10

Hebrew Heroes by A. L. O. E. - A Tale Founded on Jewish History
 Chapter 8 - The First Struggle
Chapter 9 - Hadassah's Guest
Chapter 10 - Death of Mattathias
Chapter 11 - Concealment
Chapter 12 - Deep Things
Chapter 13 - Silent Conflict


Worksheets - What Do You Do During the Day? (Time)
 What Do You Do Night? (Time)
Money (Identifying Coins)

Games - Curious George - Count Your Chickens
Curious George  - How Tall

Worksheets - Letter Oo (Letter Sounds)
What Starts with Letter Pp (Letter Sounds)

Daily Review of Starfall Online Letter Cc Book (2 Days)

Worksheets - Let's Move (Motion Related Words)
Fast and Slow (Motion Related Words)

Book -
Explore and Learn Volume 1 - Earth and Space
Changing the Shape of Land
Places Without Water

Worksheets - Above and Below (Location, Direction and Distance)
Above and Below (Location, Direction and Distance)

Michael also participated in our Preschool activities with the younger kids.

Sunday evening we went a birthday party for a friend of ours. All the kids had a great time there.

Wednesday evening Austin went with our church youth group to another church for a combined youth service. Michael went to our KidWorx program at our church, where Doug helps with one class and I teach the youngest class with my helper.  Thursday evening Austin, Amanda and Michael all went to their cousin's birthday party. Several days this week Amanda had a friend over.

Both Austin and Amanda are actively involved in our home childcare business and spend several hours a day working with the kids, meal prep and clean up,  and general cleaning. They  earn money from the business based on what we make each week and are required to save a portion, and give a portion of their earnings. They can then spend the remainder as they choose (within reason).

Austin spent a lot of his free time playing games on the computer or watching shows like NCIS or Pawn Stars. We've all been fighting colds the last couple weeks and I think his was getting too him a little.

Amanda spent her free time playing with and caring for the animals - our cats Scout and Sheena and our dogs Veronica and Pepper, as well as Little Red, the guinea pig and our three box turtles. She also finished reading Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul and read all of Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent.

And there you have it, a little glimpse of what we did this week as we worked, learned and played together.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog this week!

  2. When your kids are in high school you'll have to have them read "The Chosen." It is a good story about the Jewish children in communities growing up in New York City.

    Sometimes when things are extra busy it is good to just focus on the basics. Two days worth of work looks like they did a good amount. Look forward to Thanksgiving which will bring good times with family!

  3. Thanks for stopping by and following my blog, I'm following you now. :) I was reading your "about you" section about you sweet son born at 27 weeks. This strikes me right in the heart as I have a dear friend with TWO micro preemies (23 weeks-2 and 26 weeks-4). I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!