Monday, December 27, 2010

Daily Journal Monday December 27, 2010

The three day Christmas vacation was wonderful and went by very quickly. Way too quickly.

On Friday, Christmas Eve, we went to Covington, Va to have our Christmas celebration with Doug's parents and brother. It was a fun and relaxing day filled with good conversation and good food. We had originally planned to go down on Christmas day but with snow in the forecast here and even more snow in the forecast there and a mountain between us, we decided to go a day early.

Christmas morning we awoke to snow. Although there was very little accumulation during the day it was nice to watch it snow. There was the usual flurry of opening presents. Austin and Amanda were absolutely delighted with their cell phones. This is the first time they've had their own phones although they've been wanting them for some time now. As they are getting older and going more places without me I feel more comfortable knowing they have an easy way to get in contact with me or Doug if they need too. Michael was very excited to have his first bike that is all his own.

Midmorning the kids went down to visit my parents (walking distance from where we live) and were gone the rest of the day. So Doug and I had a very quiet day at home. Part of the time it was just me because he ran a call with the rescue squad. I soaked up the peace and quiet like a sponge. That in itself was like a Christmas present to me. Austin ended up staying the night there but Amanda and Michael decided to come on home for the night.

Sunday morning we woke up to more snow. I had thought that since Michael had gone to bed two hours later than his normal bedtime the night before that maybe he would sleep late, but he didn't. I got up with him and then when Doug got up I went back to bed and didn't get up until almost noon. It was wonderful, absolutely wonderful!

The rest of Sunday was pretty quiet as well. Amanda and Michael went back to Grandma's for a couple hours. Later in the evening Doug had his normal Sunday evening shift at the Rescue Squad. Actually, he normally gets off at 9:45 but this time he stayed on duty all night since he didn't have to go to work Monday morning.

Today we eased back into the normal daily routine. We will have off again on Friday and Saturday and then it will back to regularly scheduled programming.

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