Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Daily Journal Tuesday December 28, 2010

Today we were definitely back into routine. Lots of kids, lots of action, lots of chaos fun.  

Bu I did have to have a conversation with Amanda about when it is and is not okay to text people with her new phone. We tend to have a later schedule than a lot of people. In fact three evenings a week we do schoolwork for 9:00 to 10:00PM. Then I let Austin and Amanda sleep in until 8:00AM every morning while I am busy with the daycare. Anyway, this leads to my kids being awake later at night than a lot of kids. Apparently Amanda was texting a friend at 11:00PM, and the phone was in her mother's room and woke her mother. Oops!

Last week Michael managed to break two of our baby gates and then today L. knocked over a small bookcase and broke off some of the supports for the shelves. So this afternoon Doug fixed one of the gates and the book shelves. 

And my brain seems to be completely fried tonight so I better stop before I start typing gibberish.

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