Monday, September 7, 2015


We had a wonderful, busy weekend full of friends, family and celebrations. 

Recently our family had four birthdays - my son Austin turned 19, my niece Charity turned 15, my son Michael turned 9, and my niece Darla turned 6. So we had a birthday party Sunday afternoon for three of them (Austin had already had his birthday fun). 

You can't have a birthday party without cake!

Blowing out the candles. Somehow I missed Charity blowing out hers.


Michael and Darla opening gifts.

One of Michael's birthday presents was a new bike but we went Saturday and let him help pick one out so he would have what he wanted. 

Sunday afternoon we played a lot of games. Some of us played Golf (played with Skip-Bo cards) and some played Battleship.

Friday evening relatives from South Carolina came to visit at my Dad's. It was nice to see them again and we had a good evening. 

Today was mostly a catch up day - ran a few errands, Michael played with his birthday toys and rode his bike, lots of laundry. Doug had to work so we didn't make any special plans. Tomorrow it's back to "normal" life, whatever that is.

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