Saturday, November 30, 2013

Word Family Uno, New Slow Cooker, and More - The Walnut Acre Daily Saturday November 30, 2013


Trust in the Lord, all you that worship Him, He helps you and protects you. ~ Psalm 115:11 ~


Today was a quiet, good, productive day. Michael and Mateah enjoyed playing together most of the day. They get along so well and have so much fun together. They drew pictures, played outside a for short periods of time, and just had a great time together. 

We got a lot of work done around the house - laundry, cleaning, and cooking. Doug worked in the garage some too. 

I found a wonderful  Free Word Family Game: Uno (Short a) at The Measured Mom. There is an option to print to print these cards with a balloon print back but I chose to leave the backs of the Uno cards blank and instead use the back design to make word memory and addition fact memory games. After printing and before cutting them out I laminated the cards to make them more durable. The kids are going to love having new games next week and I love that they are covering important subject matter.



For brunch this morning we had sausage patties, hash browns, grits, blueberries and coffee. The kids snacked on the leftover blueberries and hash browns all afternoon. 

This evening we had chili, corn bread and oranges for dinner. The chili smelled so good in the slow cooker all day and was a great meal for this cold evening. 

When I went to wash up the slow cooker I realized that it had a large crack in the side. I had told my sister I would bring it down to her house so she could put the pot roast in it for our family dinner after church tomorrow. Doug suggested we go to Wal-mart and get another one. I use the slow cooker often and I knew it was really needed tomorrow so that's what we decided to do. I'm happy with the new one. It's even better than my old one - larger and with more cooking options. And I also got a small 16 ounce slow cooker for sauces and things like that. 


These two little critters are so hopeful that Amanda will slip them a bite of the delicious food they are sure she is making. If only they realized it's only a banana she's cutting up.


I had to pick my friend up from work again this afternoon and on the way home we stopped and got a few things from the grocery store. Then of course we ended up going back out to Wal-mart this evening for the slow cooker and taking it to my sister. 


Enough is as good as a feast. ~ Old English Proverb

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