Friday, April 12, 2013

The Servant Girl Helps Naaman - Unit Study

This week for our Bible lessons I did a unit on Naaman with the kids. The kids enjoyed this little unit and I thought I would share some of the resources we used. 


These videos from Gracelink were great for helping them understand this story - A Little Maid Serves God, Disappearing Spots, Naaman Serves God. Gracelink has become one of my favorite resources for Bible lessons. 


 We enjoyed singing this fun little Naaman Song.


Naaman Coloring Page

Another coloring page

Namaan Worksheet

This was my favorite of the activities we did in this study. I printed, colored, laminated and cut out one set to use as an illustration for the kids. I showed them how after Naaman dipped in the river seven times he finally came up healed of all the spots caused by leprosy. I realized after I had laminated the picture that I should have made the river look muddy instead of such a nice clean blue. 

Here are the ones the kids made. They did a pretty good job of making the river look muddy. 

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