Saturday, July 25, 2015

Being Still, Pony Rides, Tomatoes, Squash and More


Your word is a lamp to my feet
And a light to my path
Psalm 119:105


Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you. ~ Maori Proverb


Thursday I cooked a 10 lb bag of chicken leg quarters and used the broth and meat to make Vegetable Chicken Soup for my family and my sister's family for dinner. Yesterday I recooked the scraps from the chicken pieces and today I canned that broth. I canned nine pints plus have a quart in the refrigerator to use in chicken rice casserole tomorrow.


I was happy to finally find some little squash in the garden this evening. There are also lots of little green tomatoes. I'm hoping for lots of tomato sandwiches and fried squash.


What I thought was going to be a quick trip to the feed store this morning turned out to be an hour of fun for Michael and Talis. When we got there we discovered they were having an anniversary celebration today and there were pony rides for the kids and free food. 

This afternoon we ran a few errands. We visited the pet store, went to Goodwill, stopped at McDonald's for small ice cream cones and made a quick trip to the grocery store.


Painting and drawing - Madalynn said she was a zombie.


So many things have been happening lately that some days it feels like my mind is just spinning. Some of these things are good, some not so good. Most of these things have made me want to take action! I've wanted to move forward when the way wasn't clear - sometimes because I was was excited and sometimes because I was angry. And yet several verses keep coming to my mind and they tell me to be still! I don't always want to be still, it really doesn't come natural to me but there it is. 

When I'm hurt and want to lash back!

When I'm falsely accused and want to defend myself!

When my motives are questioned and I want to clarify!

When I'm pushed away and shut out because of imaginations run amuck!

When light begins to shine and I want to run down a path not yet totally illuminated!

When the road looks clear but there is not yet a green light! 

When I see what look to me like wonderful opportunities but those who would walk with me are not yet ready!

Over and over I'm reminded to be still. 

The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still
Exodus 14:14

Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him;
Psalm 37:7

Be still, and know that I am God
Psalm 46:10

So instead of running wildly into a way that I think would be best I'm learning to simply do what is in front of me to do at this moment while being still in my spirit and letting Him work in ways beyond my imagination. And it's happening. Beautiful things are happening. Things that at one time looked impossible. And I know that He's also working in the situations where I don't see anything happening just yet. 

“Peace, be still!” 
Mark 4:39


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  1. Your garden looks so green and pretty. Do you use pest control?

  2. We don't use any pest control and the bugs are getting to our beans pretty bad. I also quit cutting kale because the bugs and worms were getting bad there too.

  3. Wow! I needed those words about being still. I need to be still so often in so many things. Thank you for sharing. It's not always easy to be real and honest. :)

  4. “Peace, be still!” Those words hit the target. Thank you for clicking them onto your keyboard today. Yes, in any situation, be still. (Loved the portion about canning. Brings back wonderful childhood memories.) #raralinkup

  5. Thanks for those wise words of wisdom that so many of us can relate to and apply.
    Fridays Blog Booster Party #23