Saturday, May 9, 2015

Level Up Your Day -A Book Review

Tuesday I shared a post about my schedule, or daily routine and why it is important to me to have one.  Today I am sharing one of the tools that influenced my schedule and what went on it. 

Level Up Your Day by Steve "S.J." Scott and Rebbeca Livermore was a good reminder to me to look closely at all areas of my life and take into account the things that are important for me to be sure to intentionally make time for. 

Level Up Your Day shows how daily routines lead to weeks, months and years of productivity. We all have routines, whether we realize it or not. But it's important to make sure our routines are taking us where we want to go and not in the opposite direction. 

Level Up Your Day focuses on six important areas of daily roiutine - Energy, Eating, Exercise, Routine Activities, Work, and Fun. There is also a section on how to Maximize Your Daily Routine and Four Sample Daily Routines. 

This book is a simple but encouraging read packed with valuable information, resources and common sense. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a not of encouragement and wisdom in creating a personal routine brings maximum results. 

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