Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Walnut Acre Daily - Christmas Photos

Amanda was excited Christmas Eve and spent a long time analyzing the gifts under the tree,

Christmas morning brought all the usual excitement and chaos.

This was one of my favorite moments! michael has been really, really wanting a karaoke machine and the look on his face when he opened his was priceless. He yelled so loud that I thought at first he was upset about something but it was just excitement.

Later in the day my side of the family was together for the traditional Christmas brunch.  We had a good day together cooking, playing, laughing, talking, and opening gifts.

Charity and Amanda baked pies. This was Amanda's first pie but Charity is quite a good pie baker and teacher - all the pies were wonderful.

This was our first Christmas since my mom went to be with Jesus and there were some hard moments, but there was also the joy on knowing we could be here for each other, celebrate the birth of Jesus together and know that she is having a wonderful Christmas in Heaven. 

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  1. Amazing! I love the pictures. Your hubby reminds me so much of my father. :)