Wednesday, August 14, 2013

An Inspiring Video, Morning at the Park and More - The Walnut Acre Daily Wednesday August 14, 2013


Be strong and take heart,

    all you who hope in the Lord.

~ Psalm 31:24


A number of the kids I've had here this summer are going to start school next week, so we're trying to get a few fun activities in this week before they leave. Today we went to their favorite park - Ridgeview Park. We've been to several different parks this summer but this one is their favorite. And this trip to the park went much better than the last one we took when it seemed like everything went wrong. 

We took cheese and balogna sandwiches, oranges, blueberries and cheese puffs for lunch and had water to drink. We usually eat in the pavilion but Michael wanted to eat at this picnic table this time.

After lunch we took a walk along the river . . . 

. . . over the bridge . . . 

 . . . and into the woods. 

It was a really good morning and I'm going to miss the kids who are going to school next week. We're still going to have weekly outings with the kids who are here after school starts, although probably just one a week instead of two. I'm not planning to start our homeschool work until after Labor Day so we'll have a couple weeks to catch our breath and get some things done around here before we dive into the school year. 


This video was played during the service at church this evening and I was so moved by it.

 God has a plan for everyone and as long as you are here on this earth there is a reason. Never, ever, ever think that you are not good enough or that there is nothing of value that you can bring to the world.



Everyone is the age of their heart. ~ Guatemalan Proverb

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  1. Dear Rose,
    I must say that the video of the precious young man singing is the BEST!! How pleased the Father must have been, and it is still bringing Him glory! Oh, I can't wait to see Him, too!! Powerful! Thank you for sharing the delightful photos of the children and for sharing your life and shots of summer with us :)